From the third wave of DJs in Medellín emerged Julianna, a versatile selector who since 2007 is working, from the heart of the city, parties, collectives, artistic initiatives, activism, and above all, many electro and techno. Her work as a promoter of Move, one of the most fertile collectives in Colombia, has allowed her to develop projects with artists such as DVS1 or DJ Stingray, to share booth with other icons such as Robert Hood, Function, Solar or Sterac, and to promote emerging talent from the region. After studying filmmaking in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, she returned to her natal Medellín in 2015. There, she has remained in a collective construction with several friends, jointly developing social and cultural key projects to the local and regional music scene. In 2014, along with Merino and Jula, she founded Doce, Medellín's only record store specialized in electronic music. And in 2016 she undertook a search for the visualization and participation of women in the electronic scenarios of Latin America. In that way, together with Marea and Andrea Arias, they founded the collective Nótt. With this initiative they have developed different projects and workshops for women, and have even participated in panels and parties with the New York collective, Discwoman. 2017 was definitely the beginning of a journey that consolidated Julianna as one of the most disruptive and refreshing DJs on the Latin circuit. Medellín's Mansion Club granted her a residence where she has developed her capacity of mutability, adapting to different moments of the night, always with risky proposals that go from House to Techno, from Electro to EBM, also passing through breakbeat and Drum n' Bass, becoming a Latin American reference when it comes to versatility on the dancefloor. She is currently working on the continuous construction of what she calls her 'sound path', making explorations with her voice, picking up field recordings and experimenting with synthesizers and other machines. A small sample of this was experienced in the exhibition The wonderful world of the machines, made in honor of the Colombian-Belgian electro-acoustic composer, Jacqueline Nova, in the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín.