sol ortega

Sol Ortega is a DJ and producer from the city from Buenos Aires Argentina. Her career officially begins in 2014 when she was invited to be part of the Under Club booking back then HUMBLE BOOKINGS. Where she had the opportunity to perform together with several national artists and internationals such as FJAAK, Kevin Saunderson, Marcelus, Zenker Brothers, Exos, Ambivalent, among others. Began to made a place on the scene of Buenos Aires with the sounds that characterize her the most: house and techno from Detroit.
In 2018 she was convened by the Boiler Room platform what caused his career to begin to unfold also in other countries of South America, Europe and Asia. This led her to perform at clubs like Berghain, Tresor, Concrete, VENT, About Blank, MMA, among others, and at festivals such as Toffler (Holland) and Baum (Colombia).
In 2021 and for some years now Sol finds working together with the artists E110101 in their Detroit Classic Gallery record label and platform based on Buenos Aires seeking to combine different disciplines of art ranging from music production to audiovisual content in parallel with her music and personal projects.