Vermelho’s creative force irradiates throughout nightlife in many forms by transforming each corner in a place to materialize itself: be it as a DJ whose sets are odes to the dancefloor, as a producer of tracks that are odysseys of sounds or as the creator of an artistic multiverse such as ODD, a collective that reconfigured the expressive reality of its hometown and made it the focal point of an eclectic and emboldened sound not only in Brasil, but across the continent.

It pulsates through initiatives that garnered him space in fronts as diverse as the Havana Biennale and University of São Paulo’s Paço das Artes, or even global sources of musical excellence, among them Sonar Kollektiv, The Magic Movement and Bastard Jazz. Also manifesting itself in the form of a myriad of projects, individual or collaborative, AV or conceptual, local or global ones, including the performatic Vermelho Wonder, the inebriating Video-Sistema, the sophisticated Sphynx, as well as his own curatorial platforms: the vigorous label In Their Feelings and the acclaimed ODD.

This energy also vibrates in many frequencies, covering a wide spectrum of possibilities that ranges from renowned venues such as Berghain/PanoramaBar, reaching the floors of hedonistic dens across the globe all the way through the colossal ones that festivals such as Dekmantel, DGTL and Contre-Temps manage to gather.

Alas, this kind of tonal range is what allows a talent as multifarious as his to be translated so precisely in the properties of the very colour that names it, warming up hearts, energizing bodies and illuminating horizons.