Verraco descends from the mountains. Born in Medellín, Colombia, with merely three releases has already stated that he channels through electro, ambient and techno, the rough recent history of his country and its cultural challenges. His journey began in the fertile Latin scene, quickly gaining a spot amongst the most risky and promising raising talents of the region. During his DJ sets, Verraco always brings upon the table a brutal and ample eclectic narrative that explores from ambient, IDM and drone, to electro, techno and drum & bass, but always merging, always installing an introspective and hypnotic states if its a warm up, or a rave vibes when he is in a peaktime slot.
In just one year of presence in the circuit, he has already played in Santiago de Chile, Dekmantel Bogotá, Nuit Sonores Colombia, BAUM Festival, Festival Tatacoa, and a couple of showcases of Insurgentes (his label) in Colombia. In 2018, Verraco is working on his first album for Insurgentes, also curating a Various Artists compilation that highlights the finest side of Medellín electronics and pushing Latin American emerging talent.

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