Pure alchemy, this is what Pedro Zopelar does behind his machines, generating unstoppable motion and emotion on the dancefloor. While his music is conveyed through streams of pulsating energy it also glides through layers of beautiful sounds, carrying us irresistibly within it. This garnered him a reputation as a prolific remixer and producer amongst his peers and the wider public, as his ability to conjure enthralling musical moments is the result of trained hands and educated ears that show their dexterity and sensibility whenever he composes and synthesises the most basic elements of his creations. Such an approach has put him side by side with likeminded craftsmen and got him the increasing support of discerning music aficionados, also fostering the prolific partnership with Davis, now crowned by their own label, In Their Feelings, a haven for the kind of music they love and love to make. Efforts born out of a relentless will to create and have taken him across the globe, from Tokyo for the Red Bull Music Academy, to the stage of festivals such as Sónar, Dekmantel and DGTL, throughout some of the finest venues in Brasil, as well as at the helm of Sao Paulo nocturnal avant-garde as one of the artists energising the ODD collective. Needless to say, he is just getting started and there is no way to know where he is heading.

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